School Overnight Program


Engaging Curiosity. Building Community. Inspiring Stewardship.


Discover how our multi-day, residential School Overnight Program on Bainbridge Island extends learning beyond the classroom, engaging students in critical thinking, scientific investigations, and actions that build awareness of and concern for the wellbeing of people and our planet.

“This trip is always incredible and gives the kids so much that they can’t always explain with words but that you can see in their actions.”

– Evergreen Academy Teacher

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Three out of four students continue to demonstrate SOP program outcomes–teamwork, engagement with science,pro-environmental behaviors, embracing safe adventure, and engagement with their community–three months after their stay at IslandWood.


Three months after participating in the School overnight Program, teachers report a 70%+increase in teaching pro-environmental behaviors; teaching outdoors; facilitating investigations; and incorporating stewardship projects.

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IslandWood has closed our education programs, community events, and private events until further notice. However, we are running a select number of virtual events! We will be continuing to run our graduate program via remote classes.