Activities at IslandWood

Complimentary Hikes & Tours

Each of these activities are offered at no added cost and can accommodate up to 30 participants, split into two or more groups. We create smaller groups in order to have a smaller facilitator-to-group ratio. Guided trail time is available for groups of 50 or more people.

Take a vigorous hike down to the ravine, cross the suspension bridge, and ascend our 120ft canopy tower to get a new perspective on your surroundings. This is one of our most active programs and great for groups that want to challenge themselves.


1.5-2 hours.


Enjoy a hike through our beautiful forest among towering Douglas-fir, Western redcedar, and Hemlock. View the bog and ravine habitat from our treehouses as you learn about a forest habitat deeply connected to and shaped by the people of Bainbridge Island.


1.5 – 2 hours.


On this tour of our core campus, learn about our history and mission, including the innovative environmental education programs that serve thousands of schoolchildren and adults each year.


1-2 hours.


Take a tour of our sustainably designed campus and learn about the inspiring design process, informed by the land and 250 elementary-age children. Experience the innovative design elements that facilitate learning, discovery, community building, and environmental harmony.


1.5-2 hours.


Additional Activities

Enhance your experience by opting in to additional instructor-led programming.

Explore our diverse ecosystem and cultural history on a guided hike with a staff naturalist. Topics are customized based on your interests and could include a quiet early morning bird watch, an enchanted evening walk, or something in between!

Take a contemplative solo walk down a designated path guided by cards with quotes, questions, and activities customized to your group goals. This walk is facilitated by an IslandWood educator and concludes with a group debrief.

Work with one of our seasoned facilitators to challenge your team in new ways. This outdoor program, customized to meet your objectives, is rooted in reflection, relationship building, and exploration of communication styles. You’ll explore teamwork through innovative challenges both on and off our low ropes-style Teams Course.


*We can also accommodate one large group of 50 participants, without use of the low ropes-style Teams Course. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Take some quiet time to focus on listening to your body and breath. Experienced yoga instructors will customize your session to create an experience that relaxes, focuses, and rejuvenates your group.

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