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Meetings, Retreats & Conferences

We believe nature enhances meetings, retreats, and conferences by fostering the time and space for deeper thought, reflection, and connection. Groups that host their events at IslandWood find that nature is not just a backdrop, but an integral part of their experience.


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“The environment fostered deep, meaningful conversations with our team. I wish we had more time to spend there. It was so quiet and peaceful – truly a special place!”

– Meeting Guest


IslandWood is the quintessential Pacific Northwest backdrop for your wedding. A 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle, our 250-acre property is gorgeous, private, and tranquil. You and your guests can roam and explore our forested trails, pond, meadow, garden, two treehouses, suspension bridge and canopy tower. The natural beauty of our property is surpassed only by the simple, thoughtful elegance of our kitchen’s cuisine. And you can feel good knowing that by having your wedding at IslandWood, you’re supporting exceptional equity-oriented environmental education programs.


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“We had over 100 guests and all of them wished the weekend didn’t end, and all of them (including us) hope that someone else we know gets married at IslandWood so we can all go back and experience the magic again.”

– Chris A., Bride


We believe in slowing down and celebrating the important moments and markers of life. The pace of our day to day living can be hectic, but special occasions are a gift and opportunity to connect with the people we care about in deep and meaningful ways. Whether you’re planning a reunion of friends or family, celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah, or marking a special anniversary or birthday, IslandWood is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful, thoughtful celebration. With 250 acres of stunning natural surroundings, lodging for guests, exceptional service, and artfully-crafted cuisine, we’ll help you create a unique and memorable experience.


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“I’ve been to IslandWood twice and both times leave in awe of the mission and the deep intention with which every decision was made.”

– Event Guest


From hiking the miles of trails on our campus, to checking out birding hotspots, to climbing a 120-foot canopy tower, to harvesting ingredients in our garden to create a delicious appetizer, the opportunities are endless to explore and connect with the people around you.


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“From the moment I got out of the car, I started to take deep breaths and felt more relaxed. I felt so much connection to nature and my inner creativity that I am sad that it was over so soon.”

– Event Guest

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