School Overnight Program – Covid-19 Protocols

Vaccine Policy for IslandWood Staff

All IslandWood staff, graduate student instructors, and volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including all relevant boosters.

School Testing & Vaccination Policy

Regardless of immunization status, all students and adults attending are recommended, but not required, to take a Covid rapid antigen test on the morning of departure for IslandWood.  Anyone testing positive for Covid may not attend the program.

Mask Policy

Outdoors: No masking is required outdoors.


Indoors: No masking is required for indoor programming. We recommend staff, students, teachers, and chaperones consider wearing masks indoors if they are unable to maintain distancing, but will follow the policy of the schools present.

Field Groups and Cohorts

  • We typically encourage mixing students across field groups for meals and lodge rooms so students have the opportunity to connect with a variety of their peers. However, at a school’s directive, we can use a cohort model with the same students in field activities together, eating meals together, and in lodge rooms together, with groups assigned by the school. 
  • Anchor teachers are expected to stay in field groups for a full day but may move to another field group on different days. 


  • Windows will be opened and ceiling fans on in the Dining Hall or other indoor spaces during meals. 
  • Lunches will be eaten outside during field days.

In Case of Covid Symptoms

  • IslandWood staff will isolate students or adults with symptoms immediately and rapid-test them for Covid. They will remain safely isolated until the test result is returned. Medical care will be provided as needed. 
  • IslandWood will provide on-site safe spaces for students and adults that are symptomatic or test positive on a rapid test. Schools should have procedures in place to help sick students and adults return home early and safely. 
  • IslandWood or school staff will notify all parents/guardians and the Health Department immediately following a positive test result for Covid-19 and will work with local public health officials to identify close contacts.