School Overnight Program – Covid-19 Protocols

Vaccinations & Screening Process


  • Regardless of vaccination status, students and staff will wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Mask breaks will be built in throughout the field day. 
  • Masks can be removed when eating, drinking, and sleeping. (More information about safety during meals below in “Meals” section.)  
  • Students and adults are encouraged to bring multiple masks for the four days. 
  • Instructors and other IslandWood staff will have extra disposable masks if needed. 

Physical Distancing

IslandWood will use the following guidelines for distancing: 

  • At least three feet between all students within a cohort.
  • At least six feet between all students outside of their cohort. 
  • At least six feet while eating and drinking without a mask indoors, including among people within the same cohort.
  • At least six feet between students and staff.
  • Any IslandWood staff (e.g., health coordinators) who need to provide services to students among multiple cohorts will take preventive measures, including wearing personal protective equipment and maintaining six feet between students and staff when possible. In these circumstances, IslandWood staff will keep detailed contact-tracing logs.   

Field Groups & Cohorts

  • Students who are in the same lodge room will be placed in the same field group. 
  • Field groups will be composed of multiple lodge rooms.  The number of rooms per field group will be dependent on the number of students in each room.
  • Field groups will eat together for all meals. 
  • In a temporary departure from IslandWood’s chaperone policy, parent chaperones will be assigned to field groups with their own children. 
  • In a temporary departure from IslandWood’s floater teacher policy, all teachers are encouraged to stay with one group throughout the program. 


  • Students will be placed in a lodge room with those who are in their field group. 
  • Each room will keep windows at least partially open to improve building-wide ventilation. 
  • All students should have at least six feet physical distance from other students’ heads in sleeping bunks.  Bedding will be arranged head-to-toe. 
  • All students should maintain masking and at least three feet of distance whenever possible in their room, and six feet in the rest of the lodge. 
  • Masks may be removed by students in the self-contained shower and toilet areas while the doors are closed. 


  • All students will eat breakfast and dinner with their field groups at tables at half capacity (e.g., 5 seats at a 10-person table.) 
  • For large groups, dinner may be staggered, and breakfast may be served in different spaces. 
  • All meals will be served by kitchen staff and dished family-style using accepted food handling standards for Covid. 
  • To limit time spent in the dining hall, table clearing will be handled by staff. 
  • All windows will be opened and ceiling fans on in the dining hall or other indoor spaces during meals. 
  • Lunches will be eaten outside, with students staying in their assigned cohorts, during field days.