This week students participating in the School Overnight Program got to experience a wonderful Artist in Residence, Hannah Meadows! Our Artist in Residence program gives students multiple ways to learn, make sense of, integrate, and experience the natural world.

Hannah Meadows is an artist who creates collages with hand-cut paper materials. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and currently lives in the Seattle area. She was recently featured as the Seattle Refined Artist of the Week. You can check out her work on Instagram!


Hannah shares a bit more about her inspiration below.


What draws you to paper collage as a medium?

The prints on paper are so versatile! And there is so much you can find with pattern, tones, and colors within books, magazines, gifts bags and other types of paper products.


What do you love about the medium?

Oddly I like the tediousness of it. I enjoy collecting just as much and I enjoy gluing the paper down. There is so much that goes into each piece, and it feels like I am building up to a big accomplishment.

Hannah teaching a group of School Overnight Program students in our Art Studio.

How does nature inspire your work?

A lot of my pieces have natural aspects to them, mostly being butterflies and flowers. I think I’ve just always gravitated toward the vividness that comes from those pieces specifically. I feel like the brightness and intricacy and color of everything I make stands out so much as not just natural, but the feeling you get of being in nature — the peacefulness, the vibrancy. I think it all kind of connects in that way.


What do you hope students in the School Overnight Program take away from their experience with art, and with you? 

I hope that they can see that there’s so much you can do with a medium that you may not have thought of before. With collage, what I do is different than what you would think of as classic collage of cutting out full images and putting them together. I focus mostly on colors and patterns, and I think it’s important for students to see all aspects of a certain type of medium and a certain type of art or an art practice. Maybe students had one idea of a  medium and didn’t think that there may have been another way to pursue that same medium.

The artwork of students after working with Hannah!



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