Day Programs in Seattle, Woodinville, and in Renton

We partner with teachers to connect classroom curriculum to watersheds and other built and natural systems in or near where students live. Our day programs are designed to support schools and teachers, reinforce student learning that happens in both formal and informal settings, broaden the idea of “environment” to include urban systems, and emphasize human impacts on ecosystems.


We strive to be learner-centered, culturally responsive, and adaptable to participants and the needs of their community.


We offer day programs at King County’s Brightwater Treatment Plant in Woodinville and South Plant in Renton, on the Duwamish River, and in parks in Seattle.


Learn more about each program, our team, and COVID protocols below.

“This was a truly wonderful science experience for my students revealing both natural habitats within an urban setting as well as our responsibility to ensure they remain. My students saw their own potential impact upon their world and better recognize how humanity and nature intersect.”

-Brent Hinson, Teacher at Lowell Elementary



3 out of 4 teachers saw students making connections to the program months after participation


80% of teachers report that students made connections between the program and their home community