Researcher in Residence Program

Researcher in Residence Program

An IslandWood Graduate student at Blaklely Harbor.

We’re thrilled to share a new initiative that we have recently formalized, called the Researcher in Residence program. The Researcher in Residence (RiR) program is an opportunity for IslandWood graduate program alumni and visiting scholars to conduct research at IslandWood. Through this program, researchers will have the opportunity to connect with the current students in the IslandWood Graduate Program to conduct their research. In a reciprocal partnership, current grads can take part in a workshop to learn a new skill or pedagogical strategy while being exposed to a variety of research methods.


Once a researcher completes their research at IslandWood, they assemble their data, build a narrative around their findings, and assimilate their research into a final thesis paper that is shared with current IslandWood graduate students, the IslandWood graduate program faculty, and IslandWood School Overnight Program team.


By returning to IslandWood, alumni have an opportunity to conduct their research in a supportive community they are already familiar with — and it’s reciprocal. The beauty of the RiR program is that it fosters a relationship between alumni and grads that helps the current grad students grow in their teaching practice while giving them a model of what their future research project could look like.


Read more about the program and some examples of research projects here.


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