Artist in Residence in our School Overnight Program


The Artist in Residence program gives students multiple ways to learn, make sense of, integrate, and experience the natural and human communities around them in a different way. We believe that by connecting children to artists, introducing them to new art mediums, and integrating arts into science, students will form deeper connections with the natural places in their lives.


The Artist in Residence program helps students achieve a greater understanding of stewardship by enabling students to:

  • Deepen understanding The arts deepen understanding across content areas by exploring the subject matter from different angles.
  • Celebrate cultures The arts are a powerful tool for understanding diverse cultures and people of various backgrounds, bringing new perspectives to learners.
  • Build community The arts enable students to engage across boundaries and appreciate each other’s unique contributions while working together, resulting in a stronger sense of community.
  • Think creatively The arts celebrate thinking, which can be applied to problem solving in many settings.


  • Are you an artist interested in participating? We’d love to hear from you! Learn more here.
  • Philanthropy makes Artist in Residence possible! If you’d like to support the program, please reach out to [email protected].