(Re)connection (Re)search

(Re)connection (Re)search

As part of our Researcher in Residence program, IslandWood graduate alums, Erin K and Grace S, ran a workshop for IslandWood grad students today. Their research at the University of Washington is focused on collaborative arts integration. Current grad students learned about ways to integrate art into nature based lesson plans and why this can be generative for different kinds of learners.

“By opening up a space for participants to engage with and discuss artmaking, we are hoping to broaden what art can be for those facilitating and experiencing art, especially for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of artistic expression.”


Questions explored included “how can art support senses of belonging and connection amongst groups? How does my comfort with artmaking impact my willingness to facilitate arts based experiences? How can multi-modal experiences enhance learning?”


Learn more about our graduate program in partnership with the University of Washinton here.

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