Meet Researcher in Residence, Rach

Meet Researcher in Residence, Rach

Rach is diving deep into the world of emotions and rapport building in the classroom, focusing on how instructors quickly connect with diverse student groups. ‍‍

“My project is focusing on diving into the relationship between emotions and rapport development,” Rach says, “IslandWood specifically is an interesting context because groups with varying levels of rapport and trust come to an instructor who is working on creating rapport on a quick timeline. Together, grads and I are working through a scenario in a workshop to flush out how we perceive rapport and how emotions can be used to create instructor-student rapport.”✨


The Researcher in Residence (RiR) program gives alumni like Rach a chance to hone their research skills while supporting current IslandWood graduate students. Graduates learn from Rach’s work and get a glimpse into their own future research journey.

Learn more about our graduate program in partnership with the University of Washinton here.

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