Katie Trelstad (’06) Weaves Place-Based Pedagogy into Work as Assistant Professor in Sociology

Katie Trelstad (’06) Weaves Place-Based Pedagogy into Work as Assistant Professor in Sociology

An Interview with Katie Greenland Trelstad


Education for Environment and Community Graduate, Class of 2006


Katie is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at Cornish College of the Arts and volunteers for a nonprofit organization called Eureka Institute. She is also raising two children, Rowan and Rosie.


How are you using what you learned at IslandWood in your work today?


My time living at IslandWood taught me the value of place-based pedagogy, which is a theme I continue to weave into my college curriculum. I’m using what I learned about diversity and inclusion in my governance and leadership work. There’s something about being immersed in a non-profit culture that developed in me a love for interdependent community models. I’ve channeled this passion into program development, from critical service learning projects and sustainable community design to facilitating partnerships between colleges and non-profits toward collaborative and synergistic outcomes.


What advice do you have to offer our current grads?

Develop a relationship to the land and the people. So much of what I learned at IslandWood stood outside of the active curriculum of being a grad student. My contemplative practice, relationship to nature and ability to work through challenge was strengthened. It’s been over ten years since and I continue to seek creative opportunities to collaborate and innovate toward sustainability.


Please note that this post was last updated on 3/1/2018. Some details, including job title or place of employment, may have changed since then.

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