Michela Dimond, M.ED., EEC Graduate Program Recruitment Manager

Michela Dimond, M.ED., EEC Graduate Program Recruitment Manager

Pronouns: Any Pronouns Used with Positive Intent


Michela graduated from the IslandWood EEC Program in 2020, and a year later from the University of Washington with a Master’s in Education. Their master’s work focused primarily on Civic Education with a particular focus on the work of Dorothy Cotton, and what lessons we as democratic educators can learn from the Citizenship Education Program (CEP) led by Cotton during the Civil Rights Movement.


Michela has spent much of the previous 15 years outside, including living outside for six months at a time thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and section-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. These experiences have greatly shaped Michela’s sense of our capacity as individuals and communities, and the profoundly powerful impact of living in direct relationship with the more-than-human world.


Before starting their work at IslandWood, they worked in a variety of industries including outdoor youth leadership, higher education, bookkeeping, case management, and food service. As a result, they often engage in discussions about how being an educator for justice and democratic capacity-building is a relevant role in many different fields and institutions.


Building and maintaining community is something that feeds Michela’s soul, literally and figuratively! The practice of connecting over the creation and eating of a communal meal is a centerpiece of Michela’s community care practice. They’ve organized grad community dinners, worked in kitchens, and hosted salon suppers where friends and strangers came together over a meal to discuss big questions.


Education, the Environment, and Community are all fundamental pieces of Michela’s work in the EEC program, and some of the foundational reasons for why they are so excited to work with colleagues, prospective students, incoming grads, and alumni here at IslandWood.


Michela teaches the EEC graduate course, Democracy & Education.


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