Community-Centered Climate Action

In this course, teachers and students use the perimeter of their school to inquire about and monitor air quality as well as learn about emissions and activism in their community.


Did you know idling cars during school pickup impacts air quality and the environment? Learn how to use an easy-to-implement action project to motivate and empower your students. Your students will build an understanding of how air pollution impacts their community and the climate and learn what community members are doing about it. They will then work together to map their findings, develop an action plan and share what they have learned.


  • Learn how the Next Generation Science Standards Engineering Design Process and Social Studies standards can be an integral part of students working on real-world problems.
  • Explore the social-emotional side of climate change and how direct action can foster resilience and environmental justice.
  • Collaborate with teachers from across the region to have a collective impact on air quality and the environment.


“My teaching of science was rather global and probably a bit overwhelming to my students; however, now I feel much more confident using local data and storylines which will scale down this overwhelming (and scary) topic for my fifth graders. Am very excited to really integrate this work in my classroom.”

– Teacher Professional Development participant