Community Camp Activities


Here are all the activities you can choose from to design your own Community Camp experience! A few things to know:

  • All activities require a caregiver to attend with any child/children.
  • You do not need to pre-register for activities.
  • All activities will meet and leave from the Dining Hall Meadow.
  • The trails are open during daylight hours for you to wander at your leisure!
  • The Den, located in the Learning Studios, is a place we’ve set up for you to relax or play board games. Drop in between 8am – 8pm.
  • Participate in as many activities as you like and know that quiet time is yours to take whenever you want it.

Bird like a nerd (age 7+)

Naturalists Christina and Mark have spent a lifetime birding and can’t wait to sneak up on birds with you. Learn how to listen for key features in bird chatter and song to arrive at a proper ID – even without seeing the bird. Our leisurely walk is great for beginner and intermediate birders alike. Children are very welcome to join but should have an interest in listening to bird song and learning about bird behavior.

Campfire Variety Show (All ages)

It’s a casting call! Sing a song, read a poem, share a joke or act out a family skit – you’re the entertainment! We look forward to welcoming an assortment of skills, ages, and talents at our first-ever Community Camp Variety Show. Sign-ups will take place during lunch and dinner on Saturday.

Canopy Explorers (All ages)

Take a vigorous hike down to IslandWood’s ravine, cross the Suspension Bridge, and ascend our Forest Canopy Tower to get a new perspective on your surroundings. Explore the layers of the forest from floor to understory to canopy. Examine the amazing differences between plant and animal life on the forest floor versus above at the canopy with our experienced educator guides. This is one of our most active programs, and great for folks that want to get out onto our trails and challenge themselves.

Earth Art (Age 5+)

Utilize the beauty and creativity inherent in nature to create art to take home. Exploring natural pigments, you can design a wall hanging, or camp bandana (great for kids!) combining flower pounding and painting onto the fabric with natural paints made from vegetables and berries.

Forest Ecology Hike (All ages)

Enjoy a hike through a leafy forest among mossy bigleaf maples, towering firs, and explore several ecosystems on one hike. Learn from our naturalists how to identify wild plants, animals and fungi. You’ll likely meet some familiar wild neighbors like a banana slug, and we’ll be on the lookout for some fall fungi as well.

Forest to Fork (All ages)

Explore food in a whole new way in our organic garden. Learn how healthy forests and farms can co-exist in our watersheds and uncover how soil is created with our composting systems. Sample some plants straight from the earth with our garden educator and create a snack from your harvest with one of our chefs! This activity has a maximum of 20 participants.

Garden Stewardship (All ages)

Help us tend to the IslandWood garden classroom by getting ahead of the weeds and preparing our soil for veggies.

Gentle Yoga (Age 12+)

Join us for a gentle yoga class, incorporating guided meditation, breathwork, and asana to transition you from a day full of camp activities to slowing down and appreciating the evening ahead! The class will help your mind become clearer, your heart grow kinder, and your body find ease. Yoga mats provided.

Harbor Hoof (Age 10+)

Looking for a hike and a great workout? Join our Sr. Naturalist for a 2+ mile hike down to beautiful Blakely Harbor! We’ll hoof it down our watershed to the wilds of our Lower Loop, and then, after a brief harbor view, we’ll turn right back around and hoof it up back to our main campus. This is a great choice for people who like to move FAST and keep pace with our naturalist! This ain’t no mosey!

Kids Yoga (Age 6+)

Explore the connection between mind, body, breath, and nature with simple yoga poses, mindful breathing exercises, a walk outside and relaxation. Yoga mats provided. This activity has a maximum of 20 children.

Students resting between yoga poses.

Music and Storytelling Hike (All ages)

Join storyteller and musician Avery Hill for a Species Hike around our woods! We’ll make stops along the way to get to know different plant and animal species through the stories we tell and songs we sing about them. (While this activity is appropriate for all ages, it is designed with younger children in mind.)

Rise & Shine Yoga (Age 12+)

Join us for a 60-minute morning practice designed to awaken your senses and align your body and mind. This is an all levels, vinyasa flow. Mats are provided.

Teams Course (Age 8+)

Head over to IslandWood’s low-ropes style Teams Course and through facilitated challenges, explore your methods of communicating, planning, and supporting your family members and friends. Connect with your “team” through collaborative problem solving and fun group challenges. These are activities using different pieces of equipment that will stretch the imagination and allow campers to practice working together while having a blast.

Trail Run (All ages)

Join our IslandWood staff members for a leisurely 3.5-mile run along the packed gravel and dirt trails on our campus. Saturday’s run will be led by Maggie Schaefers. Sunday’s run will be led by Jess Ansley and Paige Nickum.

Trail Stewardship (All ages)

Join one of our botanists on the trails to help keep this forested property and wildlife corridor healthy and biodiverse by rounding up invasive and noxious weeds to make room for natives to thrive! We’ll supply the gloves and tools – you supply the elbow grease. You’ll learn conservation management tips and tricks that can apply anywhere!

Water Wonders (All ages)

Explore the wonderful world of water at Mac’s Pond! Along the shore you’ll dip-net for critters in the pond, take a closer look at them through field microscopes and hand lenses and just like scientists, you’ll identify your catch!  All critters will be returned to their aquatic home unharmed.

Two School Overnight Program students bend down to explore Mac's Pond.