School Day Programs on Bainbridge Island

Learn, Explore, and Connect Outside

Teachers, are you looking for a safe opportunity for your class to bond, have fun, and explore outside during the fall of the 2021 – 2022 school year?


We are thrilled to offer immersive, project-based day programs on our Bainbridge Island campus for school groups of 4th – 6th grade students! Designed to align with Washington’s 4th – 6th grade science curriculum, these NGSS-aligned programs are a fun, engaging opportunity for students to connect with each other while deepening their understanding of the impact science and engineering can have on their communities and the planet.


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Program #1: Freshwater Ecosystems

In this program, students will investigate the role of freshwater ecosystems in their communities. They will develop an understanding of who and what lives in and around the freshwater ecosystems on our Bainbridge Island campus; how people use, impact, and change them; and how these ecosystems help manage stormwater.

Program #2: Engineering Landforms

In this program, students will actively engage in the engineering design process to tackle stormwater engineering problems. Together, we’ll explore topics such as erosion, deposition, stormwater, and environmental engineering.

Program #3: Communities

In this program, students will cooperatively problem solve, explore what it means to be in community with each other, and safely step outside their comfort zone! Our skilled instructors will facilitate activities that foster growth, team building, and a deepened appreciation for others’ similarities and differences.


In this program, we’ll be diving into the various natural and human-made ecosystems on IslandWood’s 250-acre campus! Students will gain experience collecting qualitative and quantitative data, deepen their understanding of how ecosystems interact with each other, and get a chance to learn and explore outside.


We hope this will help answer some of the questions you may have. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Joan Hutchinson at