Localizing Science Working Group

Will you or your district be implementing K-8 Amplify Science or 6-8 Open Sci Ed this year? Would you like to work with others to enhance student engagement with connections to student’s lived experiences and communities? Would you like an opportunity to earn a $600 stipend and STEM Clock Hours?

“This was such a valuable experience and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this project and to have worked with such an amazing group of educators.”

– Anne Cushman, 2022-23 Working Group Member

We are looking for experienced elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, TOSAs and district science leads to be a part of a year-long working group that will continue the development of materials to support local connections to science units. Working group members will be developing and testing an appendix for a specific science unit. It will provide teachers and districts who have adopted Amplify Science or Open Sci Ed ideas for incorporation of localized content, students’ own personal and cultural identities, regional data sets, and relevant climate science.

“It’s the PLC I’ve always wanted to work with but never had access to at my school.  We have a group of folks all working towards the same vision, [there are] so many people to bounce ideas off of. This group has helped me hone my teaching craft and create more engaging lessons for kids, hopefully helping them appreciate science more.”

– Rachel Hall, 2022-23 Working Group Member