[Image description: a child digs a hole in the ground for a plant.]

Learn About Rain Gardens (and Plant Your Own!)

Learn About Rain Gardens (and Plant Your Own!)

Chances are good that, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve heard about rain gardens. But if you’ve never thought about building one yourself, now might just be the time to get started!

After all, rain gardens:


💧Reduce polluted runoff by filtering stormwater from roofs and roads
💧Protect waterways from flooding by collecting and slowing excess water
💧Provide the perfect opportunity to explore soil composition and learn about native plants


Check out this helpful resource from our long-term partner, Seattle Public Utilities, for tips on how to get started building your own rain garden.


Want some inspiration? Read our story about helping build a rain garden at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in Seattle that has the potential to filter 20,000 gallons of runoff each year.



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