Community-Centered Climate Action

Did you know idling cars during school pickup impacts air quality and the environment? Have you ever wondered about the role of trees in relation to air quality? Learn how to use an engineering design focused action project to motivate and empower your students.


This course presents an air quality focused storyline that integrates Next Generation Science Standards with related social studies standards. Your students will build an understanding of how air pollution impacts other species, their community, and the climate. They will investigate their school grounds to inquire about and monitor air quality as well as learn about carbon emissions and activism in their community. Teachers and students will gain inspiration from the actions of local community members and then develop and implement an action plan to make a difference.


All sessions are virtual with the exception of one optional in-person session at the Tacoma Professional Development Center. For those attending the in-person session, we are excited to be together in community and happy to be able to provide course-related books! There will be a virtual alternative for the Tacoma session on the following Saturday, but we can only provide the books to those who join us at the in-person session.

“I was excited to see that students who typically struggle with “doing the work” actually participated and became invested in the process of investigating pollution at our school and many of them had great ideas for an action plan.”

– Robin T., Blaine Elementary School, Blaine School District