• As part of our commitment to equity, IslandWood begins participation in 2-year Working Towards Racial Equity workshop series led by The Lawrence Hall of Science and Justice Outside.


• IslandWood successfully advocates alongside peer organizations for House Bill 2078. The bill passed on March 24th, creating for the first time, a WA state-funded Outdoor School program. IslandWood CEO, Megan Karch, played a critical role in the effort as the Co-Legislative Chair of the Washington Outdoor School Consortium.


•In partnership with King County, IslandWood begins offering programming at the South Plant in Renton, increasing our capacity to reach more students and teachers in the Puget Sound region.


•Along with Puget Sound and Olympic ESDs, IslandWood puts together a Localizing Amplify Science Working Group to develop Amplify Science Unit appendices that will provide teachers and districts with ideas for incorporation of localized content, students’ own personal and cultural identities, regional data sets, and relevant climate science.    





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