Alongside many other regional organizations, IslandWood advocates for state funding and public policy to support outdoor education for Washington state students, resulting in successful funding for the following critical initiatives:


•  No Child Left Inside

•  Office of the Superintendent for Public Education’s ClimeTime program, which has historically helped fund our teacher professional development opportunities

•  Washington Outdoor School for All (WOSFA), in support of overnight outdoor learning for students across the state. (Our School Overnight Program is an example of overnight outdoor learning.)

•  WOSFA research into the impact of outdoor education experiences on learning outcomes and socio-emotional wellbeing


We begin to offer immersive, outdoor day programs on Bainbridge Island for teachers and their 3rd – 6th grade classes to build science knowledge, foster connection, and get students learning outside.


IslandWood begins participating in National Science Foundation three-year research project, Covid Connects Us.



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