Anti-Racist Education

Social Media Accounts We Recommend

Social media can be an exceptional platform to create community, share resources, and gain insights to help embed equity and anti-racism in our teaching practices.


These are just a few of the many accounts run by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) educators, activists, and leaders that we follow and learn from on a daily basis.

IslandWood graduate students hold up children's books from the collection in Déana's office.

Children’s Books to Encourage Conversations About Race, Justice, and Equity

At IslandWood, we believe in the power of children’s books to promote representation and equity, provide windows into other people’s experiences, and reflect our own lives in distinctive and authentic ways.


We are also lucky to have a passionate children’s book advocate and connoisseur on our team – Director of Campus Education Dr. Déana Scipio! In our graduate program, Déana helps graduate students understand how they can use children’s books with their own students as anti-bias and anti-racist educators. Below are just a few of Déana’s recommendations, as well as additional books we recommend to spark these crucial conversations, encourage thoughtful questions, and inspire action.


If you are interested in buying any of these, we urge you to consider ordering from a Black-owned bookstore.

Articles and Resources About Anti-Racist Education

From addressing misinformation in curriculum, to opening up conversations about race and racism in the classroom, to affirming and celebrating BIPOC students, these are just a few of the articles and resources that our educators have been sharing, recommending, and engaging with.