It's their future. And yours.

The wellbeing of our planet and communities depends upon an engaged citizenry who understands their connection to their environment, cares enough to act, and can work across differences to solve our greatest challenges. With your support, we can continue advancing an innovative educational approach that prepares those citizens to cultivate a future where all life can thrive.

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Our Urban School Programs reach more than 8,500 3rd-8th graders throughout the Seattle area, helping students apply science to design solutions to real environmental problems in their communities.

"I believe we are at a tipping point in our history - not just for IslandWood, but for our children and our planet. The next generation of leaders will inherit a world of epic challenges and opportunities." - Marguerite Kondracke, Board Chair

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Over 1 million hours in nature

More than 4,000 students participate in our 4-day residential School Overnight Program every year, developing critical thinking and taking actions that build awareness of the wellbeing of people and our planet.