SOP Experience

The School Overnight Program builds student understanding of social and ecological sciences through direct exploration of both the natural and built environments on our campus.

From field investigations at the pond to leadership lessons on the teams’ course to interactions in the dining hall, students engage with their peers and work together to discover their part in different environments and communities.

“I feel like my trip to IslandWood is worth coming out of my comfort zone. Thank you.” – Zainab Mohammed parent chaperone, Lowell Elementary. Read the story of Zainab's experience with her two children, Zaidaan and Ilham.


The outdoor environment of the IslandWood campus—such as the bog, harbor, and forest—as well as indoor facilities like the wet lab and art studio are used for teaching lessons in science, math, art and social studies.

"This is a magical land filled with passionate people who help our kiddos become stewards of our environment! This is truly a “school” in the woods. So much real science!” – Zac Stowell, Northgate Elementary


Students at IslandWood enjoy indoor and outdoor activities that help them develop skills in teambuilding, communication, confidence, and understanding. All children are provided the necessary gear to stay warm and comfortable outdoors year-round.  

IslandWood is a controlled real world. It is safe to question and find answers. We find our own strengths and see our teammates' strengths in activities we never get to see them do in our own classrooms.” – Dearborn Elementary School Teacher 


In our four lodges, each child has a comfortable bed in a single-sex bunk room with a private bathroom. Chaperones and teachers sleep in separate rooms on the same floor as the kids. The lodges also provide an opportunity to learn about sustainable building and architecture. 


IslandWood’s kitchen staff prepares healthy, kid-friendly food that is sensitive to all religious, dietary, and allergy needs. Children receive three meals a day, plus snacks. Learn more about the menu and food allergy procedures


Our instructors are experienced environmental educators and graduate students from our Education for Environment & Community program with the University of Washington. They are caring, dedicated, and represent diverse backgrounds. They are also trained in first aid, behavior management, and teaching practices. 

“The IslandWood staff are so supportive of students & teachers and passionate about what they do, which creates a wonderful experience for all.”  – Colleen Chambers, Seattle Nativity School Teacher


In the garden, students learn about food production, harvest, sustainability, local and organic foods, compost, and farm-to-table connections. In our combined garden and cooking program, students harvest and then cook a snack alongside our chef educators. Read the garden blog for examples of garden discovery and stewardship. 


The arts are an integral part of the IslandWood experience, interwoven with science, technology, and math. Students learn new means of expression from our Artists in Residence, while sparking greater curiosity and wonder about the surrounding world. Read blogs about the Artist in Residence program.   

“It is a life changing experience all young people should enjoy.”  – Tim Williams, SandPoint Elementary Parent