News About Summer Camps at Brightwater

Dear families and friends of IslandWood Summer Camps at Brightwater,

I’m truly saddened to announce that IslandWood will not be hosting summer camps at the Brightwater Education Center in 2019. This has been an especially hard decision for Derek and me. Many of you know the two of us from the sign-in table each morning. Over the past six years we’ve had the pleasure of watching your kids grow up, seeing repeat faces every summer, and creating meaningful relationships with you all. We want to share our gratitude for supporting our summer programs at Brightwater. Thank you.Kids enjoying our nature-based summer camps at Brightwater

I know for some folks, this is going to be disappointing news. We can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate the support throughout the years. We’ve made this decision to focus our efforts and resources on our programming for schools and teachers. We also want to use this opportunity to assess and rethink our camp programs. IslandWood camps at Brightwater may return in the future in a different form and as close members of our Brightwater community, you’ll be first to hear if those opportunities arise.

If you have enjoyed our camps at Brightwater then I encourage you to explore the other programs IslandWood has to offer at the Brightwater Center, on our Bainbridge Island campus, and around the greater Seattle area (learn more at You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here at the Brightwater campus, we offer free school programs to over 4,000 local students throughout the year. If your child enjoyed their camp experience, encourage their homeroom teacher to apply for our school-day programs so they can see Brightwater in a whole new way. We also offer community events throughout the year for families to explore and investigate together. These programs are free, thanks to the continued support from King County and families like you who have attended camps or donated in some other way. We also encourage you to come explore the site on your own. All the trails are open to the public, and we’d love to see some familiar faces drop into our office.

Thank you for encouraging your children to get outside and explore, learn, and grow with us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Max Honch (maxh@islandwood.organd Derek Jones (