Celebrate Mother's Day With These Fun (and Educational) Activities!

Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Fun (and Educational) Activities!

Our mothers were our first science teachers, helping us to notice and observe the world around us. We all know that moms are super skilled at using science practices such as asking questions, investigating, designing solutions, and arguing from evidence.


This Mother’s Day, celebrate the moms and mother figures in your life and in the natural world with these activity ideas  — all designed to help you and your loved ones explore right from your home or neighborhood!


Our friends at SciStarter have assembled some fun citizen science projects you can do together that will help Mother Earth.


Suggested for: Older elementary school and up


Discover the matriarchal societies of ants and honeybees, and then make a beautiful Nature Crown for the Queen Mom in your family!


Suggested for: Preschool and up


The health of our forests and orca whales are connected. Celebrate both in a (safe, socially-distant) hike with mom!


Suggested for: Elementary and up

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