Urban Environmental Education M.A.Ed. in Seattle


Become a change agent for thriving, healthy, and sustainable cities in our Masters of Arts in Education in Urban Environmental Education program in partnership with Antioch University Seattle. As you dive deep into environmental education with a focus on urban systems and social justice, you will:

  • Create environmental education best practices that are place-based, relevant, and meaningful to urban youth and communities.
  • Learn how to work from within urban communities to foster environmental awareness, knowledge, and collective action.
  • Build your capacity to integrate environmental leadership with social justice.
  • Engage communities in a culturally relevant manner to promote stewardship.


Urban Environmental Education is an exciting new field that that uses the power of education to cultivate urban resilience and sustainability. Find out if our program is right for you:

Five quarter M.A.Ed. with a concentration in Urban Environmental Education, offered in Partnership with Antioch University Seattle

Best for: Professionals seeking

  • Leadership roles in the nonprofit or public-sector related to urban resilience;
  • Careers as educational leaders in informal education settings in urban communities; and/or,
  • Careers with an environmental or social justice lens in urban planning, advocacy, or youth and community development.

It will help your career by:

  • Giving you the professional skills, practice, and credential to assume leadership roles
  • Building your professional network in Seattle and in other cities across the country
  • Increasing your earning potential



We’re committed to building a more inclusive and diverse environmental education field. Here’s how:

  • Integrating Social Justice into Environmental Education: Social justice plays a big role in determining how people live and thrive in cities. The intersection of environmental leadership and social justice drives our academics and practices.
  • Increasing Access to a Master’s Degree: We offer additional scholarships to candidates who can enrich the diversity of the education field. We also honor prior life and professional experience, and work with students to overcome socio-economic, academic, or other barriers to entering or completing our program.
  • Providing Real Community Experience: You will be immersed in urban communities as part of our program’s paid Practicum experience.
  • Ensuring a Diverse Student Body and Faculty: Our graduate students and faculty reflect the cultural and economic diversity of the Greater Seattle area.
  • Being an Inclusive Learning Organization: We invite you to read our Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity statement.