Urban Environmental Education M.A.Ed. in Seattle


The partnership between IslandWood and Antioch University Seattle for the co-delivery of the Urban Environmental Education Graduate Program will be ending following the 2018-19 academic year. 

We invite you to read this blog from our CEO or contact Antioch University Seattle for further information.


Our Master of Arts in Education in Urban Environmental Education (UEE) program in partnership with Antioch University Seattle began four years ago to prepare change agents for thriving, healthy, and sustainable cities. Students in the fourth cohort are currently diving deep into environmental education with a focus on urban systems and social justice. Throughout the academic year, they will:

  • Create environmental education best practices that are place-based, relevant, and meaningful to urban youth and communities.
  • Learn how to work from within urban communities to foster environmental awareness, knowledge, and collective action.
  • Build their capacity to integrate environmental leadership with social justice.
  • Engage communities in a culturally relevant manner to promote stewardship.

IslandWood and Antioch University Seattle are ending their partnership for the co-delivery of the UEE program following the 2018-2019 academic year. We invite you to read this blog from our CEO, learn about IslandWood’s residential Graduate Program in Education for Environment and Community, or contact AUS for more information about the future of the UEE program.