Our alumni are educational leaders in classrooms, nonprofits, public agencies, universities, and in informal education settings. Some have even started new educational initiatives. Explore the possibilities.

Alumni Stories

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Kacey Lebby
Kacy Lebby
Kacy teaches 3rd grade in Seattle Public Schools at TOPS K-8.
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Katie Trelstad
Katie Trelstad
Katie is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at Cornish College of the Arts and volunteers for a nonprofit organization called Eureka Institute. She is also raising two children, Rowan and Rosie.
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Lan Nguyen
Lan Nguyen
Lan Nguyen always greeted her School Overnight Program field groups in her native Vietnamese. “It was a way to build trust,” says Nguyen, who made history last fall as the first official international student in IslandWood’s graduate program.
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Alumni Data

Percent of Alumni Working in:

  • Formal Education 38%
  • Program Coordination 27%
  • Informal Education 18%
  • Research/Teaching in Higher Education 8%
  • Other 7%
  • Sustainable Food Mgmt./Gardening 3%