Amorous Amphibians


Christina Doherty

Christina Doherty

Join IslandWood naturalist, Christina Doherty, for an engaging virtual exploration of our Bainbridge Island campus and learn about native amphibians, their habitat, and behaviors. Then, discover how you can find breeding frogs, toads, salamanders, newts and their eggs in your backyard or nearby frog-filled wetland, pond, or puddle. You’ll even have the opportunity to engage in real-world citizen science by sharing your observations with FrogWatch USA!


Have a follow up question or want to share an observation? Leave a comment below or send us your questions and observations on social media using the hashtag #AmorousAmphibians. Christina will answer all of your questions in a follow up Q&A video!


Appropriate for: 3rd grade and up!


[Image description: a photo of a child holding a frog in their hand at Mac's Pond on IslandWood's Bainbridge Island campus.]


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