Programs & Activities

Our hikes and tours, teambuilding programs, and activities are grounded in IslandWood’s mission to provide exceptional learning experiences and inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. Scheduling these 1 to 3 hour programs within your agenda engages your guest in this mission and in the incredible surroundings of our Bainbridge campus. All programs must be scheduled in advance as part of a larger event. 

Guided Hikes & Tours

IslandWood Mission & Programs Tour (1-2 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants

On this welcoming tour of IslandWood’s core campus, learn about the history and mission of the organization, and explore IslandWood’s innovative environmental learning programs that serve thousands of schoolchildren and adults each year.

Sustainable Design Tour (1.5-2 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants

Take a tour of our sustainably designed campus designed to connect the visitor with the environment.  Be inspired by our LEED certified buildings that teach while they infuse art, technology, and the environment.

Naturalist-led Hike (1-3 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants

Explore IslandWood’s unique ecosystems and cultural history on a guided hike with a staff naturalist. Topics are customized based on your interests, and the time of day you choose to hike. Choose from quiet early morning bird watches to enchanting evening walks, and everything in between.

Bird Habitat Hike (1.5-2 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants

Explore IslandWood’s wetland habitats as you practice skills in bird observation and behavior. Stroll down to our Bird Blind overlooking our cattail marsh to search for wood ducks, buffleheads, and other waterfowl. Then head to our Bog Treehouse and learn about the incredible ecology of bogs and fens. 

Canopy Tower Hike (1.5-2 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants

Take a vigorous hike down to IslandWood’s ravine, cross the Suspension Bridge, and ascend our Forest Canopy Tower to get a new perspective on your surroundings. Explore the layers of the forest from floor to understory to canopy with our experienced guides. This is one of our most active programs, and great for groups that want to get out onto our trails and challenge themselves.

Forest Hike (1.5-2 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants

Enjoy a hike through a beautiful Pacific Northwest forest among towering Douglas Fir, Western Cedar and Hemlock.  View our bog and ravine habitats from our magical treehouses, as you learn the story of a forest in succession from historic days of logging.

Trail Time (1.5-2 Hours)
Up to 50 Participants

Enjoy this open session to explore our trails.  A docent will be on hand to get you started with maps and suggested routes.  Our treehouses will be unlocked for visits and docents will host the canopy tower if you wish to climb.

Teambuilding Programs

Teambuilding Experience (2-3 Hours)
Up to 30 Participants, Divided into Groups of 10-12

Work with one of our seasoned facilitators to challenge your team in brand new ways. This outdoor program, customized to meet your objectives, is rooted in reflection, relationship building, and exploration of communication styles. Each group of 10-12 participants will explore teamwork through innovative challenges both on and off our low ropes-style Teams Course.

Large Group Teambuilding (1-1.5 Hours)
Up to 50 Participants

Designed to be a quick, high-impact experience for your entire group, this program highlights your group’s natural communication styles through fun, energizing activities, challenges and games. Large Group Teambuilding is a great way to begin your time at IslandWood, or to shake things up in the middle of the day.

Adventure Racing (2-3 Hours)
Up to 40 Participants, Divided into Groups of 10

Embark on a high-tech scavenger hunt throughout our 255–acre campus using GPS technology, puzzles, and team challenges as your clues. During this active and challenging exercise, teams will search for waypoints in the woods. This is a great option if you want to get out onto our trails, or if your group has a competitive itch they’re hoping to scratch!

Activities & Experiences

Reflective Walk (1 Hours)
Up to 20 Participants

Work with our staff in advance to curate a selection of thought-provoking quotes, or use our standard stash (it's great!). Cards pose questions about the natural environment or your themes. This experience can be led by a facilitator who will conclude your experience with discussion, or you can guide it yourself. The self-guided option, with a custom set of cards, is available for $250.00.

Sustainable Cuisine (1 Hour)
Up to 30 Participants, Divided into groups of 15 or less

Get to know where your food comes from in an unforgettable way in IslandWood’s garden. This program combines teambuilding with hands-on experiences with the earth to explore concepts of stewardship and personal connection. Work with your team to harvest seasonal ingredients from our garden and then prepare them together with our chefs to create a delicious appetizer.

Garden Explorations (1 Hour)
Up to 60 Participants

Wander IslandWood’s Learning Garden as you explore our unique systems for drawing food from the earth. Naturalists are stationed at points of interest throughout the area, sharing stories of how we use our garden as a classroom, and providing tastes of honey from our own beehives, while your group engages at their own pace. This is an excellent choice to combine with an evening reception in the garden, or with a large group with a variety of interests.

Yoga (1 Hour)
Up to 30 Participants

Breathe easy and begin your retreat with a morning yoga session. Experienced yoga instructors can customize your session to create an experience that relaxes, focuses, and rejuvenates your group.