Kamyar Mohsenin recently came to our campus to work with the School Overnight Program as an Artist in Residence. Kamyar is a teaching artist and filmmaker in the Seattle region. Learn more about him in the Q&A below!

What art medium(s) do you specialize in? 

I consider myself to be a multidisciplinary artist and here at IslandWood, I have gone beyond my comfort zone, exploring sculpture using purely natural materials, with the idea that the land has provided for us and creating works that are greatly inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Outside of IslandWood, I teach filmmaking, illustration, animation and sculptural works at nonprofits and different public and private schools within King County, Washington.


What draws you to those mediums?  

What’s drawn me to nature sculptures is I’ve always had an affinity for the natural world, as my entire childhood was primarily based outdoors. I’ve also experienced a lot of outdoor education within my adolescence. Therefore, to be able to create a curriculum and curate a classroom that takes place within the forest, I saw as a great opportunity to. Practice the lessons that I had received as a child as well as have the opportunity to perform the passions that I have for the natural world today.

What do you hope students in the School Overnight Program take away from their experience with art, and with you? 

I hope students see the natural world as a creative space where they too can explore their aspirations, their inspirations, and learn to further respect the materials that we derive from the world and how we can use them to create things out of nothing. I also, in all my classes, want students to always know that no matter how they see themselves, they too can create art, whether they consume it or whether they create it. We are all creative beings and all we need is the opportunity to create.


Learn more about Kamyar on his website and follow him on Instagram here.

Nature Sculptures created by students during the School Overnight Program


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