World of the Honeybee

This time of year, lots of things are buzzing around your house or garden.  But what are they?  Wasps? Honeybees? Bumblebees?  Hornets?  And what's the difference anyway?

Native pollinators like mason bees, bumblebees and even beetles play a vital role in our ecosystem here in the Puget Sound region.  One of our most well-known however, is the honeybee!  Honeybees are often naturalized, but their ancestors are from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Their name in Latin, Apis mellifera, means "honey-bearing bee."  Humans have a long, and often complicated relationship with farming honeybees.  There are great rewards and great challenges in the world of the honeybee.  

Charles Schafer, Bainbridge Island's very own "bee ambassador" will spend an afternoon with us at IslandWood in our beautiful outdoor garden amongst IslandWood's two hives.  Whether you be curious, courageous or cautious around bees, you will surely learn to appreciate them for their hard work, team spirit, and amazing artistry.  

No visit to IslandWood's bees is complete without sampling their delicious honey too.  This program is geared for an older audience, ages 12-112 years.   Our family-friendly bee program will resume in the fall (stay tuned on our Events Calendar) with activities and high-energy antics for your little larvae.