Skills of a Naturalist: Lichens & Mosses

To really appreciate moss, lichens and liverworts you need good moss habitat, magnification and a real moss scientist – and we have all three! Join bonafide bryologist Phoebe Goit and IslandWood naturalist Christina Doherty for an interactive learning experience that will sharpen your observation skills and teach you how to step through identification of our most common species of bryophytes (non-vascular plants like mosses), lichens and even a liverwort or two!  Don't know the difference between a liverwort and a lichen?  We've got you covered!  

We're so excited to welcome Phoebe Goit, a retired librarian from Kitsap County and a self-taught lichen and moss expert!  Phoebe has worked with the Vashon Island Nature Center, and IslandWood on our BioBlitzes in the past and is our region's  'go-to' for identification.  

Phoebe teaching us about lichens

Participants will learn the basics of lichen and moss biology and how to recognize common species in the Pacific Northwest. The class will include time in the lab as well as a guided trail walk to identify moss and discuss their natural history.

lichen on vine maples

Under the microscope, the delicate beauty, intricate structures and fruiting bodies of mosses and lichens come to life – you don’t want to miss this program!

Class size is limited, so sign up today!

·  Great for adults and older youth with an interest in bryology (15+ years)

·  Yes, we’ll still have time for a cookie break!

You may choose to purchase your very own high-magnification loupe from us for an additional cost of $5.00/loupe.  These are one of the definitive tools in any naturalist's backpack and we highly recommend them.  We will have loupes to lend for the program if you do not wish to purchase your own (or don't bring your own).