Poetry in the Woods

IslandWood presents its 7th annual Poetry in the Woods weekend, an inspired gathering with David Whyte on IslandWood’s 250 acres of open meadow, inviting forest, and infinite possibility.


The Art & Practice of Creating A More Beautiful Mind

This weekend with David Whyte will examine the role of the imagination as a faculty of perception, a central integrative intelligence able to discern the complex patterns that surround human beings. To pay attention to this unique intelligence requires courage, as it often reveals the internal and external changes that are needed to meet newly understood circumstances.

Join David Whyte for a look at the way the imagination allows us to create a central leverage point from which to act; one that relies less on engaging the will and more on a way of being in the world that awakens a rested, alert intelligence with the courage to simplify, to act, and to have a life worth living at the center of our endeavors.

Irish musicians and singers Owen & Moley O’Suilleabhain will entertain and IslandWood will nourish and nurture.


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