Northwest Newbies Nature Hike

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Start a journey for connecting to your new sense of place.  Your new home is a diverse, ecological treasure just waiting to be discovered.  Let’s take a hike to learn the “Fab Five” native trees, common bird species, and discover all the new sounds, textures and smells of your new home.  

(Photo by Doug Jones)

We'll make time to hear about where YOU are from, and how it is different and the same to western Washington.  Your questions about "what lives here" are highly encouraged.  We can't wait to meet you, neighbor.  See you on the trails!

  • All ages welcome
  • Please no dogs unless they are a service animal
  • Space is limited for this guided walk!
  • Rain or shine people - we're in Western Washington!

We appreciate our sponsor of Northwest Newbies - Jen Pells Real Estate! Thanks Jen!