Nature's Medicine Chest: Forest and Field

This autumn, please join us in learning the wisdom of healing wild plants with our friend Kathryn LaFond, who is a Wise Woman Herbalist, author, chef, and healer.  We're thrilled to welcome Kathryn into our growth-mindset community here at IslandWood as she shares the gift of her wisdom with us. Take time to explore the plant world with us as Kathryn shares her stories on the healing properties of plants in a manner that enables your own relationship with nature to grow exponentially. 

This is a hands-on class with foraged botanicals we will harvest from the forest and meadows on IslandWood's campus.  Participants will learn preparation techniques drawn from an ancient tradition and we will have plant remedies for you to sample.  Learn what you can use for acute conditions; what you can store to address common illnesses; and natural ways to strengthen your immune system for the colder, damp months ahead.

 This special workshop will include:

  • Naturalist-led, experiential walk to experience plants as they exist in their native ecosystems.
  • Experience creating your own herbal salve, vinegar, tincture, medicinal drinks, etc.
  • Dive into the knowledge Kathryn shares from First Nations People to long-lived herbalists of various backgrounds.
  • Enjoy building your passion for all nature offers, as she speaks about living in relationship with the plant world, sings songs of the rhythm of the year, and shares plant medicine stories.
  • Take home samples you have made, recipes you are now ready to make, and knowledge you gained.
  • Depending on environmental conditions, plants you may explore include: Hawthorn, Western Red Cedar, Big Leaf Maple, Wild carrot, Oregon Grape, Rose, and St. John’s Wort.
  • Delight in a lunch prepared by renown IslandWood chefs.
Come ready to learn, to share, and to open your heart wider to the web of life.

Kathryn's teachings and classes include a wide range of centering practices, an introduction to coming into a new vision of how to live in relationship with the Earth through foraging, preparing food and loving self-care; and by exploring the conversation of what 'greater nourishment' might include for you.  

  • This workshop is for adults and older youth, ages 15+.
  • Workshop cost includes  a delicious housemade lunch together, materials and your take-home remedies such as a tincture, drinking vinegar, and a healing salve.
  • We love dogs, but please leave yours at home unless they are a service animal.
  • Due to the limited capacity and high demand for this workshop, our refund policy will be clearly stated in your Confirmation Email upon ticket purchase.  Thank you.  
  • This is a full-senses and hands-on workshop.  If you have dietary restrictions, allergies or sensitivities please list them when you purchase your tickets.  

Kathryn Lafond, known for her love of prayer, song and ceremony, is devoted to helping us remember that all life is sacred and that cooking is the act that transforms the sacred plants and animals into nourishment. For over 20 years she has served her community as an Intuitive Energy Healer, spiritual guide, writer, health coach, home-chef, as well as teacher of Wild Foods and Medicine classes. She is the author of Seasoned with Gratitude: 250 Recipes & Blessings Celebrating the Greater Nourishment of Real Food.

For additional information, please visit her website at