Community Critter Dive

Join IslandWood educators and certified beach naturalists as we identify sea stars, nudibranchs, sea cucumbers, urchins, marine worms and more!  Participants will get a close-up look at critters brought back from the briney deep by volunteer divers and placed gently into kiddie swimming pools.  We'll have some of our favorite marine life field guides to enhance identification. Beach naturalists will model respectful techniques for interacting with wildlife as we practice being responsible beach stewards while enjoying our investigations and outdoor fun alongside Rich Passage (part of the Puget Sound).

-Please wear rain boots and warm clothing

-For the safety of the marine life, please no dogs at this event. 

-Pre-registration required.  We want to know how many to plan for!  Thanks for your help.

-Big thanks to our friends at Exotic Aquatics Scuba & Kayaking and the Bainbridge Island Beach Naturalists (part of Sustainable Bainbridge).