Community Critter Dive

Join certified beach naturalists as we identify sea stars, nudibranchs, sea cucumbers, urchins, marine worms and more!  Participants will get a close-up look at critters brought back from the briney deep by volunteer divers and placed gently into kiddie swimming pools.  We'll have some of our favorite marine life field guides to enhance identification. Beach naturalists will model respectful techniques for interacting with wildlife as we practice being responsible beach stewards while enjoying our investigations and outdoor fun alongside Rich Passage (part of the Puget Sound).

Tips for our Community Critter Dive event:

  • Please meet at the Fort Ward Park boat launch ramp here on Bainbridge Island
  • Carpool if you can, parking at Fort Ward is limited, try Lynwood Center if you can't find a spot. It's about a 10 minute walk.
  • Wear rain boots...we'll be exploring along the beach where it can be slippery and wet.
  • Dress for the weather! Layers, layers, layers. Be the Bean Dip.
  • We love dogs, but please do not bring yours to this event. All the beach critters we have displayed are too tempting and accessible for doggies and we don't want the animals stressed or injured.
  • Fort Ward Park is a public park and you may enjoy your lunch, the grounds and your leashed pooch there.
  • Please thank the volunteer Beach Naturalists you see on the beach. Gratitude always feels good and is very motivating!

We couldn't do this event without the generous support of our friends at: