Buds, Bark & Branches: Winter Tree Identification

We get spoiled learning trees and shrubs by their leaves, but there are many other characteristics we can look for to land on a proper species identification.  Indicators like bark texture, branching pattern, buds and even fruit are all parts of a puzzle we can put together to name each species with certainty - no matter what the season!  You'll walk away with a new appreciation for the "dead" of winter, and with new botanist vocab to continue your educational journey.  Along our hike we'll listen to the winter birds, watch for murmurations in the skies and keep our eyes peeled for sleepy salamanders coming out of their torpid state (depending on the temperature that day!).  Don't miss this special class!

This hike is rain or shine!  Due to the content and pace of this program, we are recommending this hands-on outdoor exploration for ages 8+.  Children age 8 and above are welcome to attend, as we believe multi-generational learning opportunities expand minds and build community.  We always cap off our hikes with a sweet treat of our homemade cookies too!  

*Please note that our campus policy is 'no dogs unless they are a service animal.'