Afternoon on the Trails

Wild places are full of natural treasures and surprises around every corner.  At this very special Afternoon on the Trails honoring Earth Day we are encouraging attendees to be curious as they explore our woods.  Look down, wonder, and discover the beauty in small things.  While you're hiking our trails, see what catches your eye on the forest floor.  You may bring a small "natural treasure" back to campus with you to consult with our Ask the Naturalist panel.  Educators will be standing by during the event to examine and guide you through the identification process.  We'll have microscopes set up, field guides and other scientific tools to dig deeper into identification and classification.  Hone your powers of observation, pattern recognition and model stewardship by playing along and encouraging your kids to do the same.  We know nature only as we intersect with it.

Bones, shells, cones, feathers, small stones, seeds, lichen or moss attached to a small twig, etc. are all excellent choices. We're encouraging participants to explore nature's curiosities with all their senses.  However, if you want to take a picture of the object, that works too!

We welcome you to bring a picnic lunch or snacks. If you pack it in - please pack it out, there are no trash cans in our woods. Trail-worthy strollers will make it on most trails. If you plan on going up the Canopy Tower for a climb, kids of any age are welcome, but must be able to walk themselves up AND down (no carrying them in arms) or you may wear your child in a baby-carrier.

When you arrive, maps will be available for you so you can find your way around and our friendly greeters will be happy to suggest a route that is suitable for your family and abilities.

We work to ensure that all reasonable accommodations are in place so that everyone can fully participate and learn during their time on our campus. All indoor spaces and many of our outdoor spaces and field structures were built and are continually maintained to meet ADA code, adhering to WAC 51-50. If you have any questions, please contact our Front Desk, Monday-Friday during business hours at 206-855-4300.  

Looking forward to seeing you and yours on April 28th!  Walk-ins to this event are most welcome and will be asked to register at the door using a short form.