Donor Spotlight: Rohan G.

“I chose to donate to IslandWood because I’d like other students to have the same experience.”


This Fall, we opened an envelope that held a letter and a donation from a 13-year-old student. The student, Rohan, told us that he had come to IslandWood for the School Overnight Program over two years ago. We were honored that Rohan was still thinking about IslandWood two years after his time with us, and were thrilled to connect with him after making his incredibly thoughtful donation. 


Can you share a little bit about yourself?


I am 13 years old.  I like playing football and basketball and reading books. I like hiking in nature.


What do you remember about your experience at IslandWood?


I enjoyed spending time with my friends and hiking to the harbor, going on the canopy tower, and doing outdoor activities.


What inspired you to support IslandWood?


I chose to donate to Islandwood because I enjoyed my experience 3 years ago and would like other students to have the same experience. I think it’s important for young people to learn about and appreciate the environment because they are the next generation to preserve it and use it wisely.  I would like to tell them to preserve the environment so that future generations can enjoy it and prosper.


Rohan wholeheartedly inspired us, and we are sure, is inspiring many, many others around him. We need more Rohan’s out in the world, don’t you agree?




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