Donor Spotlight: Nicole Smith

“We are on the land of the First People, the Coast Salish, and IslandWood reminds us about that and to respect the land and each other.”



Nicole and her husband Steve Bice moved to Bainbridge Island in 2017. They are both retired from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nicole got to know IslandWood when she attended the Presidio Graduate School, which was hosted on our campus. In August, they enjoyed a hike on our trails during our One Call for All* gratitude day. 



Why is IslandWood important to the greater Seattle community?


IslandWood creates a meaningful connection to the natural and cultural history of the region. We are on the land of the First People, the Coast Salish, and IslandWood reminds us about that and to respect the land and each other. It is also a place for learning and community, and for being in a community.  Our grandson has been to IslandWood twice and our niece made a special trip up from California for summer camp. We know first-hand what a special place it is for kids. 



Nicole Smith with her husband Steve Bice. Photo taken at IslandWood’s Mac Pond.

Do you have any special IslandWood moments that you would like to share?


When I was in graduate school I was in a big classroom called Bluebill Cove where a professor was giving a lecture. All of a sudden, a deer’s head popped up and looked at us through the window. The deer wanted to hear the lecturer’s most important points too!  At graduation there was a mother owl who stumbled across with two babies in tow. She was feeding them, all the time keeping her eye on us. You don’t see this in many places and I know these types of experiences are mesmerizing for children. 


Steve I have not met a person at IslandWood that we didn’t immediately like. The personalities of the people are representative of IslandWood itself. That’s a big deal. You can meet a lot of people, but you don’t forget the warmth and personality of the IslandWood staff.



At IslandWood we are committed to lifelong learning, and inspiring people to learn about the world around them. What is something you are passionate about in the world, and would like to share with others?


Steve and I share the same passion for lifelong learning. We were both part of the CDC, and we are also Department of Health and Human Services emergency responders. We feel strongly about Bainbridge Prepares and working with the medical community to ensure that if we have a big earthquake, or if we have a bad brushfire, that we have medical standby capacity and medical capabilities that can meet the challenges. That’s capacity not just for the people but also for the land.  We see a lot of value and importance of community and coming together, whether to prepare, or to help people to respond.


*One Call For All is a nonprofit on Bainbridge Island that makes it easy for Island residents to securely donate to multiple organizations using one simple donor form. 

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