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Kitsap Sun
For many nature purists, pulling out a phone or tablet in the great outdoors is anathema. It’s distracting, they might say. With a new smartphone application it has helped to develop, IslandWood, an outdoor education nonprofit on the island, is flying in the face of that line of thinking.
NBC News
Have a family member whose phone is permanently attached to his or her hand? Use that to your advantage and download the Nature Passport app. Created by two non-profits, IslandWood in Washington state and Nature Play in Australia, the app encourages climbing, foraging and discovering. Users can filter activities by age, season, duration and difficulty to customize it for each experience.
Bainbridge Island Summer Camp participants represented the West Coast in a Soul Pancake video, produced in partnership with the film "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power." The video highlights kids’ voices from across the country on the issue of the environment and climate change. They deliver a powerful message to our nation’s leaders: Pay attention to what’s really important and work together!
Univision Seattle
In the second of this four-part series, IslandWood graduate program alum Daniella talks about creative container gardening at home, with tips on recycled materials and which seeds to use.
Univision Seattle
Pablo Gaviria explores the IslandWood school garden and learns about the Soil to Snack cooking program.
Univision Seattle
In the final segment of this series, Daniella answers frequently-asked questions about vegetable gardening with Noticias Univision Seattle's Jaime Mendez and Paula Lamas.
Noticias Univision
IslandWood graduate program alum Daniella Miramontes talked with Noticias Univision Seattle's Jaime Mendez and Paula Lamas about IslandWood’s work to take learning outside the classroom and provided tips on at-home urban gardening.
Brides Magazine
By day, IslandWood is a 250-acre outdoor-learning property where people can get close to the magnificent wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, exploring trails and a canopy walk. On the weekends, the property transforms into a luxury wedding venue.
King 5 Evening
Kids who live in the so-called "concrete jungle" may never have a chance to experience the great outdoors. Some local pro athletes want to change that at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island…