IslandWood in the News

Univision Seattle
In the final segment of this series, Daniella answers frequently-asked questions about vegetable gardening with Noticias Univision Seattle's Jaime Mendez and Paula Lamas.
Noticias Univision
IslandWood graduate program alum Daniella Miramontes talked with Noticias Univision Seattle's Jaime Mendez and Paula Lamas about IslandWood’s work to take learning outside the classroom and provided tips on at-home urban gardening.
Brides Magazine
By day, IslandWood is a 250-acre outdoor-learning property where people can get close to the magnificent wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, exploring trails and a canopy walk. On the weekends, the property transforms into a luxury wedding venue.
King 5 Evening
Kids who live in the so-called "concrete jungle" may never have a chance to experience the great outdoors. Some local pro athletes want to change that at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island…
Bainbridge Island Magazine
"In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love," wrote Alfred Tennyson in 1835, and it remains as true today on Bainbridge - for local amphibians. Learn all about it at IslandWood's popular community event, Amorous Amphibians, which teaches the tantalizing topic, the ins and outs if you will, of how island frogs get their leap on. The two-hour evening combines an engaging indoor presentation with an exploration at the property's Cattail Marsh.
Southern California Public Radio
Everett Herald
The community of Darrington turns to nature-based science experiences, including a trip to IslandWood, to help students of all ages feel more connected to the natural environment and more invested in their own learning.
Kitsap Sun
Virginia-based Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, also known as TAPS, gathered about 60 widows, their children and other family members together at Islandwood for three days of activities focused on coping with their loss and building new friendships.