The IslandWood Story

Over a decade ago, IslandWood planted a seed. Nestled there, a world of possibility prepared to sprout, grow, and mature. It was rooted in a belief that the natural world holds the power to educate and inspire not only the way we live, but the way we see. By gaining a new awareness—of nature, ourselves, and one another—we realize our true potential and our ability to chart a course to a better world. 

IslandWood has grown from a pilot program serving ten Seattle schools into a nationally recognized organization rooted in an integrated approach to scientific learning, self-awareness, and stewardship. The nature of our mission has enabled us to expand our offerings on Bainbridge Island to include a School Overnight Program, school and graduate programs, camps, community events, conferences, and celebrations. It also extends to our partnerships with Homewaters programming in Seattle schools and neighborhoods, as well as the Brightwater Center near Woodinville.

Through our unwavering commitment to creating unparalleled outdoor experiences, we continue to expand our reach and evolve into a recognized leader in the field of experiential education. We celebrate our home on Bainbridge Island while also moving beyond the campus to further a recognized way of decision-making that permeates our social and environmental culture. It's an opportunity to invite each person who crosses our path see nature—and themselves—in a new way. 

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