April 13, 2015 / The Trailhead / Clancy J. Wolf, Ed.D.

I've been approached by outdoor enthusiasts for decades asking how the heck can I promote the use of technology in outdoor learning? After all, isn't a main reason to go outside to get away from technology?  Sometimes I respond by asking how the questioner gets to their outdoor learning destination.

February 15, 2015 / Outdoor Advocacy with Martin LeBlanc / Martin LeBlanc

As a kid, I remember riding my bike through my Seattle neighborhood with friends in search of the next adventure. For my generation and those before, playing outdoors shaped childhood and was an essential part of the coming of age experience. We were modern day Huck Finns, exploring the world and finding our places in it.

December 05, 2014 / Insights from Ben Klasky / Ben Klasky

Technology and nature have always gone hand in hand at IslandWood.  Since Day 1 of our organization, we've used telemetry to locate owls on our campus, microscopes to investigate microinvertebrates, and binoculars to get closer to flora and fauna.