October 17, 2018 / The Trailhead / Tamar Kupiec

On Monday, October 8, students in the School Overnight Program (SOP) took part in a visit by Tlingit artist, dancer, and teacher Odin Lonning in celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

December 06, 2017 / The Trailhead / Tamar Kupiec

IslandWood artist in residence Jah Breeze was walking down the path on his way to the art studio, when he ran into a group of children with the School Overnight Program (SOP). “Jah Breeze!” they called out. Some of them knew him from his work in Seattle, others had heard about him from their classmates while at IslandWood.

October 23, 2017 / Graduate Residency Program / Tamar Kupiec

EEC graduate student Abby Harding is a scientist. She has a BS in ecology and conservation biology and worked for two years as a plant pathologist. “I’m just getting used to art,” she admitted to IslandWood artist-in-residence Maria Coryell-Martin, who had crouched down beside her on the grass to inspect her sketchbook.

May 01, 2017 / The Trailhead / Jessica Henderson

Last month our students and staff learned more about the gifts that our native plants can offer! Dr. Susan Pavel, a celebrated practitioner of Coast Salish weaving, joined us for a two-week arts residency to share her knowledge of plant dyes and traditional weaving techniques with the IslandWood community.